Interesting take on things. Worth a read.

via Democrat Strategist UNLOADS: My Party Is The ‘Dictator To The Common Man’ – Tea Party News.

Very interesting article about waiting until marriage to have sex.

Christians, Stop Staying Pure Till Marriage | sarahisawriter.

Am I Rich? | Remember the Poor

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This was a interesting page. Our pastor brought up these facts today that made me go out and look for this page. I understand that this is a world view and the numbers would be different if you look just at the US, I still feel this is worth a look .

Am I Rich? | Remember the Poor.

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Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows we’re I stand on guns and gun control. This story outlines why I feel we should have armed guards in all schools. Seem say it is crazy and the politicians even baulk at the idea. Fact is that this is what Obama means when he recently wrote an executive order to help get more ‘resource’ officers in our schools. One of the few smart moves he has made .

TN Smart Girl

The following incident happened at a high school only minutes from my home in East Tennessee. I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot-and killed-was the gunman. These types of stories don’t fit the narrative of those who want “gun-free zones” and so are ignored by the national media. In this case an armed Security Resource Officer, Carolyn Gudger, became a local hero and saved an unknown number of lives by holding the gunman at bay until backup arrived. The text below is drawn from a local news website, The story is not viewable on mobile devices, probably because it is so old. If you wish to view it on your PC, here is the link:

Gunman killed at Sullivan Central

“On Monday morning, August 30, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two…

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In the summer of 2012 Crissy and I were approached about leading a Small Group for our church. This was at the same time an honor and a scary proposition. Growing up I was not exposed to Small Groups. Until earlier in 2012 I did not even understand what a Small Group was. All of a sudden I had to determine if I wanted to lead one.

This was scary to say the least. Crissy and I prayed on it and decided that this was something we should do. I had to pray a little more then Crissy as she had already thought about doing this, even before we were approached about it. In the end we agreed to lead the Small Group. I was not sure how to do it, I just knew that we could.

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An Archery Dream, Part 2

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The day was finally here. June 2, 2012 at Full Rut Archery in Parker, CO was to be the location of my first archery tournament. It was to be a 2 day tournament. Day 1 would be an American 900 and day 2 would be an American 600. The 900 has each archer shoot 6 arrows 5 times at 60, 50, and 40 yards. The 600 has each archer shoot 5 arrows 4 times at 60, 50, and 40 yards. Since each arrow has a possible 10 points, this makes for a total of 1500 possible points.

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When I was in high school I had a friend who was into archery. He had a compound bow and even let me try it one time. While I wanted to shoot arrows at the targets, I was not even able to draw it back, let alone try to shoot it. Tragically, a fire burned down the building where he bow was kept and I never got the chance to try it again. No one in my family and none of my other friends were into archery so it just kind of went by the wayside as something I thought might be fun, but never got to do.

This thought of shooting archery remained dormant until  late in 2011. This was when I decided that I would let Madison, my middle child, give archery a try because she was interested in it. She had been asking to try bow-fishing. I figured it would be better for her to learn to shoot a bow at a land based target first. I found a place to take her to shoot that would provide all of the needed equipment as well as instruction. While we were at it I talked/forced Hannah, my first child, to try it as well. Little did I know that taking the girls to try archery would cause a rebirth to my thoughts of shooting as well.

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     This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time in Hartsel, CO with my family. Three days in a place only God could have created. To say it is a beautiful place is an understatement. When you look around at snow capped mountains, see wild animals, and great spans of land with no man made structures it is hard to imagine ever wanting to leave. Being in a place that is not cell phone friendly and has no Internet is another bonus that helps us appreciate the simpler things in life.  Read the rest of this entry »

On February 25th, 2012 I was finally going to get out and ski for the first time of the season. I had been looking forward to it very much. As a bonus my daughter was going as well. After all, it was a trip for her youth group. That did not seem overly important as any excuse I could come up with to go hit the slopes was good enough for me.

When I arrived at the church in the morning I found out who would be in my group for the day. There were two girls I had not met but that my daughter knew through the youth group. The other two were my daughter and our neighbor. Read the rest of this entry »

Many of us have received emails that make a smile or that make us wonder. Some of these leave our minds as quickly as they leave our mailboxes.  In most cases this is good, but in some cases I think it means that we missed the point. It would seem to me that it is all a matter of timing. If seen at the right time some of these emails  can take a much deeper meaning in our lives. It is strange how the Lord works these things into our lives but I think he has a plan. We see it once and maybe a seed is planted. When we see it a second time the seed has sprouted and can become knowledge. 

I have been upset about a few recent events in my life. When I stop to think about them I can see how things could be much worse then they are. One day everything will come together and it will all make sense. Of course I would love for everything to be peaches and cream right now but I also know that is not realistic. 

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